Truck Mounted Road Sweeper Manufacturer In Odisha

Truck Mounted Road Sweeper Manufacturer In Odisha

Truck Mounted Road Sweeper Manufacturer In Odisha


A Truck Mounted Road Sweeper, also known as a street sweeper, is a specialized vehicle designed for cleaning streets, roads, and highways. It is equipped with sweeping mechanisms and storage systems to remove debris, dust, leaves, and other forms of litter from the road surface.

Chassis: The vehicle is built on a solid truck chassis, which provides stability and durability for road cleaning operations.

Filter system: The cleaning unit consists of rotating brushes or brooms located in front or under the vehicle. These brushes remove debris from the road surface and direct it to the collection system.

Vacuum System: A powerful vacuum system is built to help collect fine particles, dust and debris that brushes may not be able to capture properly. The vacuum system pulls the material into the storage container.

Storage bag: The sweeper has a storage bag, usually located at the back of the vehicle, where the collected waste is stored. It can be a hopper or bag with a capacity ranging from a few cubic meters to several cubic yards, depending on the size of the sweeper.

Water system: Most truck sprinklers have a sprinkler system to keep water on the road surface before emptying. This helps reduce dust and improves the efficiency of the washing process. Some dishwashers also have a water tank to store water. Control panel: The driver has access to the control panel inside the car, which allows them to work and adjust various cleaning functions, such as brush speed, spraying pattern, etc. water and water foundation.

Auxiliary features: Other features may include signals or warning lights, rear cameras, side brushes to clean obstacles and corners, and hydraulics to control the movement of the brushes and more. Truck washers are often used by municipalities, road maintenance departments, and private contractors to clean roads, maintain aesthetics and improve road safety. They help remove debris that can pose a danger to motorists and pedestrians, and they help keep the environment clean by reducing dust and pollutants. pollution on the road.

Technical Specifications

Application: Truck Mounted Road Sweeper Machine

Model No.: SWR-6000

One Horizontal Brush: 1900 mm

1 Horizontal Brush & 2 Side Brushes: 3000 mm

Sweeping Capacity: 30000 Sq. Mt/Hr

Hopper Storage Capacity: 6 CUM

Sweeping Speed:  1-10 Km/Hr

Engine:          Kirloskar Water Cooled Diesel Engine

Power:          4 Cylinder

Main Brush: 2200 mm

Side Brush: 650 mm (Diameter)

Hyd. Oil Tank: 60 Ltr

Dust Control Systems: High Efficiency Filtration & Automatic Filter Cleaning System Through Pulse Jet Air

Hydraulic Vibrator: Provided in Filter chamber to Clean The Filter in case of Heavy Chocking

Water Spray Systems: Water Spray Nozzles Provided with high pressure water pump

Water Tank: 500 Ltr


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