Indo E LP- Cold water high pressure cleanersModel Name: Indo E LP

• Indo E LP- Cold water high pressure cleaners Heavy duty structure with stainless steel covers

• High filtering capacity cartridge suction filter • Pressure gauge with stainless steel casing

• Hot water seals 4-poles (1400 rpm) motor well oversized and protected with paint. Ø 300 wheels • Highly professional unloader valve with external bypass

• Motor-pump with flexible joint • Timed Total Stop • Low voltage control panel • Contactor • Thermal relay motor protection

• The stainless steel hose reel can be mounted on request, with 20-40-60 m. hose • Practical and safe housing accessories

Model No.
Indo 2521 E LP
Operat. pressure
250 bar-3626 psi
delivery rate
1260 l/h-5.55 GPM
abs. power/voltage
10000W - 400 V~50 Hz 3 ph
1400 RPM
max. water inlet temperature
80 °C
125 Kg