Truck Mounted Water Sprinkler Manufacturer In Ludhiana

Truck Mounted Water Sprinkler Manufacturer In Ludhiana

Truck Mounted Water Sprinkler Manufacturer In Ludhiana


Aman Cleaning Equipments Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturer of truck-mounted water sprinkler is a specialized vehicle designed to distribute water over a large area for various purposes, such as dust suppression, irrigation, firefighting, or road construction. It typically consists of a water tank mounted on a truck chassis, along with a system of pumps, nozzles, and hoses to distribute the water.

A water sprinkler truck, also known as a water truck or a water truck, is a special vehicle designed to transport and distribute water for various purposes. It usually consists of a tank, a pumping system and a spraying system on top of the truck chassis. The main function of the sprinkler truck is to supply water for dust control, irrigation and fire extinguishing equipment. Here’s how it works:

Tank: The truck has a large water tank, usually made of steel or polyethylene, which can hold a large amount of water. Tank capacity may vary depending on truck size and intended use.

Pump system:
 The sprinkler truck has a powerful pump that draws water from the tank and puts it under pressure. The pump can be driven by a car or by a separate machine.

Spray system:
 The truck has different spray system to distribute water efficiently. These can include spray nozzles, water guns or adjustable sprinkler heads. The specific configuration depends on the purpose of the vehicle.

Controls: The pilot/operator has control of the water. They can adjust the jet’s speed, angle and range, and other settings using the controls inside the truck.

Operation: When the truck is running, water is pumped from the tank to the spray system. The driver can drive the car slowly as the water is distributed, ensuring even coverage in the desired area. The spray can be directed to cover a wide area or focused on specific areas as needed.

Truck-mounted water sprinklers are often used in construction sites, mining operations, road construction, agricultural fields and other areas where water is required for dust removal or irrigation. Firefighters also use them to provide water during firefighting operations, especially in areas with limited water supply.

In general, sprinkler trucks play an important role in providing mobile and efficient water distribution for various purposes, helping to control dust, supporting weed growth and reducing hazards. life of fire.


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