Truck Mounted Road Sweeper Manufacturer In Bihar

Truck Mounted Road Sweeper Manufacturer In Bihar

Truck Mounted Road Sweeper Manufacturer In Bihar


A truck-mounted road sweeper is a specialized vehicle designed for cleaning and maintaining roads, streets, and other paved surfaces. It is equipped with sweeping brushes, suction systems, and water tanks to effectively remove dirt, debris, and other materials from the road surface.

Here are some of the main features and components that are commonly found in street sweeping trucks:

Chassis: The sweeper is mounted on the truck chassis, which provides mobility and stability to the vehicle. The chassis size may vary depending on the requirements and application.

 Sweeping brushes: Road sweepers usually have one or more brushes that rotate in front of the vehicle. These vacuum cleaners sweep the surface of the road, removing dirt, leaves, grass and other debris and moving them into the vacuum system. 

Vacuum System: A vacuum system is built into the vacuum cleaner to collect the cleaned debris. It has a powerful vacuum that absorbs the loose objects and places them in a storage bag or cover in the car.

Water system: Most street cleaners have a water system that sprays water over the road surface before the brushes pass over it. This helps control dust and improve the efficiency of the shower system. Water is stored in tanks and cars.

Hopper: A hopper is a large container in the back of a car. It collects and stores the cleared debris until it can be properly disposed of. The hopper can have a hydraulic or mechanical system to facilitate the mesh of the material collected.

Controls in the Operator’s Cab: Cleaning operations are carried out from the driver’s cab, which is usually used to control the brushes, air systems, water, and vehicle functions. other lands. The car provides a comfortable working environment for the employee.

Truck washers are often used by municipalities, street cleaning services, and road maintenance companies to clean roads, remove leaves and debris, and improve cleanliness and safety in the area. his breeding. They are especially useful in cities with a lot of foot traffic. It should be noted that the specifications and design of road dump trucks may vary depending on the manufacturer, model and intended use.

Technical Specifications

Application: Truck Mounted Road Sweeper Machine

Model No.: SWR-6000

One Horizontal Brush: 1900 mm

1 Horizontal Brush & 2 Side Brushes: 3000 mm

Sweeping Capacity: 30000 Sq. Mt/Hr

Hopper Storage Capacity: 6 CUM

Sweeping Speed:  1-10 Km/Hr

Engine:          Kirloskar Water Cooled Diesel Engine

Power:          4 Cylinder

Main Brush: 2200 mm

Side Brush: 650 mm (Diameter)

Hyd. Oil Tank: 60 Ltr

Dust Control Systems: High Efficiency Filtration & Automatic Filter Cleaning System Through Pulse Jet Air

Hydraulic Vibrator: Provided in Filter chamber to Clean The Filter in case of Heavy Chocking

Water Spray Systems: Water Spray Nozzles Provided with high pressure water pump

Water Tank: 500 Ltr


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