Nala Cleaning MachineModel Name: NALAMAN

We are manufacturing Highly Productive Nala Cleaning Machine that are used to providing the Cleaning Facility of Nala & other waste yard. They are being manufactured with High Quality Materials, Reliability, Superior Hydraulic system & utilization for its end use.

Technical Data & Advantages

  • Chassis : Tractor & Trailer mounted or Customized.
  • Body Size :  Rectangle with 3 Cum, 4 Cum, 5 Cum Etc.
  • Sheet Material :  Mild Steel Sheets  Etc.
  • Thickness :  2 mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm, 5 mm or can be Customized as per requirement.
  • Hyd. Cylinder :  2 Nos. for Booms, 1 Nos. For Bucket , 2 Nos.   For Stabilizers or can be Customized.
  • Axle &Wheels:  Heavy Duty Rigid Axle with 2 Nos. of Wheel
  • Hydraulic Pipes:  High Pressure Hoses or Pipelines
  • PTO Gear Box:   Provides Suitable Power  to drive system
  • Arrangement:  Fully Hydraulic system provides the optimum   cleaning of Nala and Dump yard by help of   Hydraulic system operated by Control Valves to   minimize the Human efforts & wastes.
  •   Highly Suitable for Municipalities for Solid &   Liquid waste handling.
Sheet Material
Mild Steel Sheets