Sweeping Machines

Ride-on and walk-behind sweepers are like your trusty partner in crime when it comes to keeping floors sparkling clean!

These specialized cleaning machines are used in a variety of settings; industrial warehouses, outdoor car parks, and busy commercial spaces.

Ride-on sweepers are the larger, more powerful of the two models and are operated while seated, think of them like a small vehicle, perfect for cleaning larger areas quickly.

If you have a smaller space, then a walk-behind sweeper might be the way to go. These smaller, but still mighty, sweepers are easy to manoeuvre and can make tight spaces look brand new.

Powered by electricity, batteries, or gasoline, these workhorses can handle everything from small debris to fine dust with features like vacuums and filters.

Pro tip: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and take all the necessary safety precautions including wearing protective gear and ensuring that the area is obstacle-free. Let your trusted sweeper do the hard work while you get back to more important things!