SDM-R 45G Single disc machinesModel Name: SDM-R 45G

SDM-R 45G Single disc machines Complete range of single disc machines professional, sturdy, manageable, practical and simple to use.

Ergonomic handle with integrated safety controls.

Strong joint handle.

Powerful and noiseless motor.

Adapted in order to satisfy all the cleaning requirements, marble restoration and treatment and natural stones, woods and hardwood flooring, carpeting, dew-axing, hard scrubbing.

Model No.
Brush speed
165 RPM
Scrubbing width
430 mm
230V / 50HZ
Abs. power
1300 W
Brush contact pressure
40.8 g/cm²
Noise level
60 dB(A)
Cable lenght
12 m
Dimensions / weight
54,2x42,5x120 cm/35 Kg
Body height
280 mm