Litter Picker Machines

A litter picker, or as some call it – a reacher or grabber, is a lifesaver when it comes to picking up litter or those damn small objects from the ground! Imagine picking up tiny bottle caps, cigarette butts or paper without having to bend down. Amazing, right?

The jaws/claws of a litter picker are your trusty pick-up-and-hold superpowers! They are designed to grip and hold onto small objects that cause environmental and health hazards. These jagged edges can be made of plastic or metal, or even have a rubberized coating to give you that epic grip needed to save the day.

Litter pickers are commonly used in outdoor settings such as parks, sidewalks, and beaches where chaos ensues and debris accumulates. But guess what? It doesn’t stop there. They are also used in indoor settings such as shopping centers and stadiums to clean up after events and crowds. Transforming spaces from a litter fest to a clean slate.

Have you heard of a Lee picker? It’s a super-cool brand name for a specific type of litter picker. Their lightweight and durable design make them the perfect choice for any adventure. Plus, Lee pickers have a knack for easily gripping small and irregularly shaped objects – a real life-saver.

Cleaning spaces, maintaining hygiene and reducing the environmental impact of litter and debris – the litter picker makes it easy and engaging. Get your pick up and hold superpowers today!