EVON 60E – Floor Scrubber DryerModel Name: EVON 60 E

EVON 60E – Floor Scrubber Dryer Compact washer dryer is suitable for cleaning small areas; (up to 2550 on forward speed 5km/h) Particularly suitable for cleaning car salons, stores, gyms, fitness centres. control panel; system security presence.
battery charge Indicator with inhibitory action;
progressive brush/vacuum function. cleaning solution and filter;
electrovalve (battery models only). Extreme accessibility;
compartment batteries. quick emptying system and recovery tank inspected. rotational polyethylene tanks.

He lower tank also has the function of magazine. quiet operation thanks to a protected position of motor.

230 V
Scrubbing width
510 mm
Squeegee width
780 mm
Max working capacity
2550 m2/h
Detergent tank capacity
60 l
Recovery tank capacity stop/total
65 l
Brush motor power
750 W
Suction Motor
1200 W