Truck Mounted Road SweeperModel Name: SRD 6000

  • High Efficiency Filtration & Automatic Filter Cleaning System Through Pulse Jet Air.
  • The M/C can be operated by a single operator and has a rated capacity of cleaning 30000 m² in 1 hour easily, quickly & safely.
  • The  M/C  is  equipped  with  hydraulic  transmission and is powered by a diesel engine.
  • Water Spray Nozzles Provided at all Brushes with High Pressure Water Pump.
  • In built ccd camera, water tank .
  • In buit Vacuum Hose for congested areas.

Technical Specifications

Application: Road Sweeping

Model No.: SWR-6000

One Horizontal Brush: 1900 mm

1 Horizontal Brush & 2 Side Brushes: 3000 mm

Sweeping Capacity: 30000 Sq. Mt/Hr

Hopper Storage Capacity: 6 CUM

Sweeping Speed:  1-10 Km/Hr

Engine:          Kirloskar Water Cooled Diesel Engine

Power:          4 Cylinder

Main Brush: 2200 mm

Side Brush: 650 mm (Diameter)

Hyd. Oil Tank: 60 Ltr

Dust Control Systems: High Efficiency Filtration & Automatic Filter Cleaning System Through Pulse Jet Air

Hydraulic Vibrator: Provided in Filter chamber to Clean The Filter in case of Heavy Chocking

Water Spray Systems: Water Spray Nozzles Provided with high pressure water pump

Water Tank: 500 Ltr

Model No.
SWR-6000 Application