EVON 50B- Floor Scrubber DryerModel Name: EVON 50B

EVON 50B- Floor Scrubber Dryer compact washer dryer is suitable for cleaning small areas; (up to 2000 M2/h) Particularly suitable for cleaning car salons, stores, gyms, fitness centres. It is effective against stubborn stains, dirt and dust. Its automatic brush washing system ensures perfect cleaning results in any environment. Furthermore, it offers excellent mobility with its adjustable ergonomic handle and optional battery powered version. Thanks to its compact design, EVON 50B can be used even in the most restricted spaces. Whether you need a powerful scrubber dryer or a light-duty machine, EVON 50B is the perfect solution. It is easy to use and maintain, making it an ideal choice for any kind of cleaning operations. Thanks to its adjustable handle, the user can easily adjust the machine’s position according to their needs. It is also equipped with an emergency stop button for safety. EVON 50B is the ideal choice for cleaning companies, hospitality facilities and other industrial businesses. It offers maximum flexibility in any kind of environment. Thanks to its advanced brush system, it provides superior scrubbing performance on concrete, wood, tile and carpeted floors. Moreover, its convenient design makes it easy to store away when not in use.

  • control panel; system security presence. battery charge Indicator with inhibitory action;
  • progressive brush/vacuum function. cleaning solution and filter; electro valve (battery models only). Extreme accessibility;
  • compartment batteries. quick emptying system and recovery tank inspected. rotational polyethylene tanks
  • the lower tank also has the function of magazine.
  • quiet operation thanks to a protected position of motor
24 V
Scrubbing width
510 mm
Squeegee width
780 mm
Max working capacity
2050 m2/h
Detergent tank capacity
45 l
Recovery tank capacity stop/total
55 l
Brush motor power
550 W
Suction Motor
390 W