ROAD SWEEPER MACHINE SW -1400-1Model Name: SW-1400-1

• ROAD SWEEPER MACHINE SW -1400-1 Self-adjusting main railer brush system to ensure perfect cleaning results.
•RWD system to adapt to any working conditions indoor and outdoor
•Extra large polyester filter will six barrels and electronic vibration system to ensure the filtering effect arid long serving life.
•Ride on operation, flexible turn, increase the work efficiency and use more easily.
•30L water tank and water reduce dust system can be chosen in order to operate in the special case to reduce secondary pollution.
• Low-noise level design ensures the use in public environment, no affect on surrounding environment and personnel.

Sweeping Paths
1400 mm
8800 m2/h
Max Climbing Capacity
35 %
Main Brush's Length
700 mm
Power Supply
48 V
Waste Hopper Capacity
180 L
Water Tank Capacity
100 L
Side Brush's Dia
500 mm
Driving Power
1200 W
Filter Surface
5 m2
Water Tank Shell Material
Net Weight
500 Kg