Covid 19 Disinfected Machines

Covid-19 disinfection machines are devices manufactured by Aman Cleaning Equipments to combat viral transmission, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19, from surfaces and the environment. Various machines utilize different technologies and disinfectants that effectively achieve their primary purpose. An example of a commonly used disinfection machine is the UV-C light machine that effectively kills viruses and other microorganisms.

Another type is the fogging machine which sprays disinfectant solution in the form of a fine mist to eliminate viruses, while an ozone generator produces ozone gas, useful in disinfecting areas, not inhabited by people.

On the other hand, an anti-smog gun is an effective device that helps control and minimize airborne pollutants, smoke, and dust present in the outdoor environment. Its primary purpose is to spray a fine mist or water-based solution into the air, which removes dust and any airborne particles efficiently. Typically, smoke guns are preferred in areas where dust and air pollutants are present, such as construction and demolition sites.

When selecting an anti-smog gun, considerations based on usage location and requirements are necessary. It’s also important to comply with local laws and coal environmental impact assessments, acquire the necessary permits required, and strictly follow manufacturer directives to ensure safe and effective usage.