Triple Bucket Wringer TrolleyModel Name: STBT- 25 L x 3

  • Triple Bucket Wringer Trolley Made of  plastic bucket. Design, Elegance, functionality and security.
  • Mop Wringer service trolley with a reversible handle to make its driving easier.
  • Its structure is in steel; wringer, bumpers, the wide wheels with threads protections and buckets complete an item expressly studied for professional floor washing.
  • Unlike others the double bucket mop wringers, separate buckets for fresh water and rinsed water ensure faster cheaper and better coverage for medium to large areas.
  • Practical and handy, it cuts working time by reducing the trips of the operator for refills.
  • Volume of the bucket 12 liters
  • Weight : 2.5-3.0 kg/per bucket
  • Type: Trolley Type
  • Colour of bucket Red, Blue & Black
  • Quantity of 3 nos in trolley
Triple Bucket Wringer Trolley