Battery Operated Hydraulic Road SweeperModel Name: SWR-H-2000

Battery Operated Hydraulic Road Sweeper Application : Battery Operated Hydraulic Sweeper

Working Width: 2000 mm

Productivity: 15000 m2/h

Continuous work time: 6-8 hr

Waste Hopper Capacity: 250L

This batter operated hydraulic sweeper is manufactured with a capacity of 250L, enabling it to collect large amounts of material in one place. It is made from robust materials that can handle tough environment and heavy loads. The design allows for easy access and convenient maneuverability when filling or emptying the hopper, making it an ideal solution for industrial waste management. With an adjustable brush bar, the sweeper is capable of sweeping all types of surfaces including loose material, wet or dry debris, and compacted soils. The hydraulic system provides powerful suction to capture large amounts of dirt and debris while the transverse brushes provide maximum cleanliness on a variety of floor surfaces. It also features wide wheelbase for better stability and enhanced maneuverability. This sweeper is sure to provide you with an efficient cleaning service in any environment.

The batter operated hydraulic sweeper is highly durable and reliable thanks to its heavy-duty construction, featuring a sturdy steel frame and reinforced chassis. The large capacity hopper allows it to take on larger jobs without having to empty the collection bin frequently. With adjustable water nozzles, this machine can be used for wet or dry applications with powerful suction. The sweeper also features a vacuum system with an adjustable brush height to ensure consistent and thorough cleaning on any floor type. Additionally, the easy-to-use control panel allows you to adjust the machine’s speed for different areas or tasks.

The Aman Cleaning Equipment Sweeper is a great choice when it comes to tackling tough jobs in any environment. With its powerful suction, adjustable brush height, and large capacity hopper, it can handle a wide variety of tasks with ease. And thanks to its heavy-duty construction and easy-to-use control panel, you can be sure that your job will be done right every time. Get yours today and start cleaning faster and better than ever!

Filter Surface
10 m2
Length of main Brush
700x400 mm
Diameter of side brush
500 mm
Max Driving Speed
20 km/h
Max working Speed
7-10 km/h
Working power
Driving power
2.5 W
Water Tank Capacity
Dimension LxWxH