Sewer Suction MachineModel Name: Tractor Mounted Suction Machine

A sewer suction machine, also known as a vacuum truck or a sewer cleaning truck. Is a specialize vehicle use for cleaning and maintaining sewer and drainage systems. It is equip with a powerful vacuum system that can suck up debris, sludge, and liquids from sewer lines, catch basins, and other drainage systems.

What Pressure Is Used In Suction Suction Machine?

The main components of a sewer suction machine include a large tank for storing the collected waste. A powerful vacuum pump, a hose or suction arm for accessing the sewer lines, and a control panel for operating the equipment.

When in use, the operator will position the suction hose or arm over the area to be clean and activate the vacuum pump. Which will create a powerful suction force to draw the waste into the tank. Once the tank is full, the operator will transport the truck to a waste disposal site where the waste can be safely dispose of.

Sewer suction machines are typically use by municipalities, utility companies. And private contractors for cleaning and maintaining sewer and drainage systems. They are also commonly use for cleaning industrial tanks and other large vessels.

Using a sewer suction cum jetting machine can provide several benefits over traditional manual cleaning methods, including faster cleaning times. Reduced risk of worker injury or exposure to hazardous materials, and improved overall cleanliness of the sewer system.

Overall, sewer suction machines are an essential tool for maintaining clean and efficient sewer and drainage systems and ensuring public health and safety.

What Is The Capacity Of Sewer Suction Machine?

Sewer Suction Machine General Description: The 2000,3000,4000 liters suction machine mounted on a suitable trailer chassis. Which can be towed to the work site by a tractor. The high performance exhauster/compressor can be operate in both vacuum and pressure mode. Blowing of pressurized air/ water into the chamber dislodges. The sediment solids which combine with the liquid effluent to form sludge. This is then collecte into a tank by operating the system in the vacuum mode.