Garbage TipperModel Name: SGT-2 CUM

Open type tipper placer also known as garbage tipper or door to door garbage collector machine used for easy dump of garbage into hopper then easy unloading via held of hydraulic tipping system.This type of vehicle is typically used in commercial or industrial settings, where large amounts of waste are produced on a regular basis.

One of the main advantages of using an open type tipper placer for garbage collection is that it can save time and labour compared to manually loading waste into a truck.The hydraulic arm or placer allows for quick and easy loading of the waste, as it can be lifted and placed directly into the truck bed with minimal manual effort. Additionally, the open type tipper placer can hold a large amount of waste, which means that it can make fewer trips to the landfill or waste processing facility, reducing fuel consumption and associated costs.

The open type tipper placer also allows for easy segregation of waste, as it can be equipped with multiple compartments to separate recyclable materials from non-recyclable materials, making it easier for the facility to process the waste.

  • GARBAGE TIPPER are preferred over standard body tippers on Small Commercial Trucks the effective volume capacity reduces by ~25% vs Standard Body Tippers.
  • These tippers have a higher hinge point for tilting which allows emptying the garbage collected, directly into a compactor ,Hence Cost of operation is lower.

Overall, an open type tipper placer is a cost-effective and efficient solution for the collection and transportation of solid waste in commercial and industrial settings. Its versatility and efficiency make it a valuable asset to any waste management facility looking to improve their operations and reduce costs.

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