Evon 20 – Floor Scrubber Dryer.Model Name: Evon 20

The Evon 20 is an automatic floor scrubber dryer that is designed to clean and dry floors in one pass. Here are some features and specifications of the Evon 20:

Cleaning width: The Evon 20 has a cleaning width of350 mm, which means it can cover a larger area in less time.

Brush speed: The machine has a brush speed of 140 RPM, which ensures effective cleaning of floors.

Solution tank capacity: The solution tank of Evon 20 has a capacity of 12 liters, which can cover a large area without the need for frequent refilling.

Recovery tank capacity: The recovery tank of Evon 20 has a capacity of 13 liters, which can hold the dirty water and debris removed from the floors.

Control panel: The control panel of the machine is user-friendly and easy to operate, with a simple interface for adjusting settings.

Safety features: The machine has safety features like automatic shut-off when the recovery tank is full and a low brush speed warning.

Easy to maneuver: The Evon 20 is designed to be easy to maneuver and can clean under furniture and other hard-to-reach areas.

Noise level: The machine has a low noise level, which makes it suitable for use in noise-sensitive areas.

Overall, the Evon 20 is a reliable and efficient automatic floor scrubber dryer that can help you clean your floors quickly and effectively.

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