SW R 2600 BT Ride On SweeperModel Name: SW R 2600 BT

  • SW R 2600 BT Ride On Sweeper Ideal for medium and large surfaces.
  • Large surface filter with electric shaker filter (ET).
  • Side brush raising control.
  • Switch of. Suction Flap raise system.
  • Filter Panel in horizontal position.
  • Main brush pressure regulation.
  • Indirect back collection.
  • Quick main brush release.
  • Long life elastic belts.
  • Reclining. Suction handle selection lever.
  • Traction lever. Anti static device.
  • Wide collector tank.
  • Heavy duty steel frame.
  • Side brush mechanical engagement.
Main brush width
510 mm
Main brush + side brush width
680 mm
Collector tank capacity
45 lt
Max working capacity
2620 m2/h
Motor type
12 V
400 V