Truck Mounted Road Sweeper Manufacturer In Punjab

Truck Mounted Road Sweeper Manufacturer In Punjab

Truck Mounted Road Sweeper Manufacturer In Punjab


A truck-mounted road sweeper, also known as a road sweeper truck or street sweeper truck, is a specialized vehicle designed for sweeping and cleaning roads, streets, and other paved surfaces. It is commonly used by municipalities, highway maintenance departments, and cleaning service providers to keep roads and public areas clean and debris-free. Here are some key features and components typically found in a truck-mounted road sweeper:

  1. Chassis: The road sweeper is built on a truck chassis, which provides the mobility and transportation capabilities of the vehicle. The size and capacity of the chassis can vary depending on the specific requirements and application of the road sweeper.
  2. Sweeping mechanism: The sweeping mechanism is mounted on the front of the truck. It typically consists of one or more large rotating brushes, usually made of bristles or synthetic materials, which sweep debris and dirt from the road surface into the collection system.
  3. Collection system: The debris and dirt swept by the brushes are collected and stored in a collection system within the truck. This system can include a hopper, a container, or a high-capacity bin for holding the collected waste. Some road sweepers also have water spray systems to dampen the road surface and facilitate better debris collection.
  4. Vacuum system: Many truck-mounted road sweepers are equipped with a vacuum system. This system uses a suction mechanism to pick up fine dust particles and smaller debris that may not be captured by the brushes alone. The vacuum system typically directs the collected material into the hopper or collection system.
  5. Water system: To assist with dust suppression and efficient cleaning, road sweepers often have a water system. This system includes water tanks, pumps, and spray nozzles to wet the road surface and minimize dust during the sweeping process.
  6. Control panel: The operator of the road sweeper can control the various functions and settings using a control panel located in the cabin of the truck. The panel typically includes switches, knobs, and monitors to operate the brushes, vacuum system, water system, and other features.
  7. Auxiliary features: Depending on the specific model and purpose, truck-mounted road sweepers may have additional features. These can include rearview cameras or sensors for improved visibility, adjustable sweeping height and width, beacon lights for safety, and hydraulic systems for dumping the collected waste.

Truck-mounted road sweepers are highly effective in cleaning large road surfaces and maintaining cleanliness in urban areas. They help remove debris, dirt, leaves, and other pollutants from the road, improving safety and aesthetics. Proper training and adherence to safety protocols are crucial when operating these vehicles to ensure efficient and safe sweeping operations.

Technical Specifications

Application: Truck Mounted Road Sweeper Machine

Model No.: SWR-6000

One Horizontal Brush: 1900 mm

1 Horizontal Brush & 2 Side Brushes: 3000 mm

Sweeping Capacity: 30000 Sq. Mt/Hr

Hopper Storage Capacity: 6 CUM

Sweeping Speed:  1-10 Km/Hr

Engine:          Kirloskar Water Cooled Diesel Engine

Power:          4 Cylinder

Main Brush: 2200 mm

Side Brush: 650 mm (Diameter)

Hyd. Oil Tank: 60 Ltr

Dust Control Systems: High Efficiency Filtration & Automatic Filter Cleaning System Through Pulse Jet Air

Hydraulic Vibrator: Provided in Filter chamber to Clean The Filter in case of Heavy Chocking

Water Spray Systems: Water Spray Nozzles Provided with high pressure water pump

Water Tank: 500 Ltr


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