Covid 19 Disinfected Machines

Truck Mounted Anti Smog Gun

Aman Cleaning Equipments has come up with a solution to fix this air pollution crisis. Anti-smog gun is a system designed to minimize air pollution by spraying atomized water into the atmosphere so that all dust and contaminated particles are clear from the environment Anti-smog gun is designed to produce an ultra-fine fog composed of very fine water droplets (10 micron size).and absorb even the smallest dust particles in the air, yet fall to the ground without wetness.

Truck Mounted Anti Smog Cannon Gun (Mist Gun) is a system used specifically to control air pollution to make the atmosphere clear, visible, and free of contaminants and toxic vapours of gas. The system provided is fitted with heavy-duty hydraulic components capable of forming a droplet size spray stream of between 50 to 100 microns with the aid of a high-speed propeller. To shift the unit to various places, the entire assembly is placed on a self-propelling vehicle.

Automatic Floor Scrubber Dryers


  • Soft-start and automatic emergency stop designed to protect the safety of operations.
  • Sturdy body structure, ergonomic design to prevent fatigue.
  • Highly sensitive electromagnetic valve to controlthe water flow, servo control systems for easier operation.
  • Lifting brush plate structure, more stable and easier to maintain.
  • Large capacity solution tank and recovery tank design, easy to clean and reduce the growth of bacteria.
  • Replacement rubber blades without any tools, reversible rubber blades extend the wear life.
  • New digital control systems, clear and simple to operate.
  • Effectively extend battery usage time and the service life of the motor.
Sweeping Machines

Road Sweeper Machine SW R 1400

•Self-adjusting main railer brush system to ensure perfect cleaning results.
•RWD system to adapt to any working conditions indoor and outdoor
•Extra large polyester filter will six barrels and electronic vibration system to ensure the filtering effect arid long serving life.
•Ride on operation, flexible turn, increase the work efficiency and use more easily.
•30L water tank and water reduce dust system can be chosen in order to operate in the special case to reduce secondary pollution.
• Low-noise level design ensures the use in public environment, no affect on surrounding environment and personnel.

Waste Management Equipments

Truck Mounted Sewer Suction Machine

Truck Mounted Suction Machine is used for Cleaning of Sewer Lines by Sucking out the dirt / Dust / Garbage / Other Impurities directly from chamber into its vacuum tank.

Provision for manufacturing suction and vacuum tank separately or combined on single vehicle.

Heavy duty cylinders to Tipping the unit by help of control valve & also provision for hydraulic opening of rear door that will reducing the human efforts.

Suitable for Refineries, Municipalities, Building Developments as well as Others Cleaning Operations as required.


Fabrication of Sewer Suction Machine Operated Through Tractor PTO

Aman Cleaning Equipments, We are the best manufacturer and supplier of Sewer Suction Machine Operated Through Tractor PTO. We are offering machines available in different capacities and meeting clients expectations. These machines are highly efficient, require low maintenance and easy to operate. The machine is equipped with all the developed technology for our valuable clients.

Key Features:

High performance
Best designs
Easy to operate
Great performance

Technical Specifications

Tank Capacity – 3000 ltrs
Material – Mild Steel Plates of 5 mm thickness for shell and 6 mm for dished ends.
Vacuum pump – Reputed make 4500 LPM CAPACITY
Suction hose – 15 Mtrs length with 75 mm dia.
Tire – 7.50 x 16 make MRF CEAT APPOLLO ETC
Drive system – Pump drive will be Done by TRACTOR PTO

Painting – Both exterior and interior Primer and finish with Enamel metal paint as per color choice of department.


Cattle Catcher Supplier in India, Aman Cleaning

Aman Cleaning Equipments is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Cattle Catcher vehicle in India, which is well designed for Animal Pickups and Transportation. The Animal Catcher Vehicle is a careful transportation of stray both alive and dead. The floor of our Catcher Vehicle is non- slippery. Cattle Catcher vehicle equipped with hydraulic system for easy loading and unloading of alive or dead animals. It has railings to forbide animals from bouncing out. Animals are taken in the vehicle while the stage is in the line of the vehicle bed and the stage uses a pressurised water shutter and it can be very well on everyone as a back entrance for the vehicle. We sell cattle catcher vehicles intended for animal pickups and transportation all around. Its maintenance cost is also very low.

Technical Specifications for Cattle Catcher –

Chassis – Tata 710 High Deck.
Material – Mild Steel
Bottom – 5 mm thick MS chequered sheet
Sides – 3 mm thick MS plain sheet along with proper stiffening and supports.

Hydraulic cylinders – 2 nos. Mounted at rear side of vehicle for easily lifting of cattles into chamber.
Hydraulic pump – 40 lpm

Painting – Anticorrosive primer and Enamel metal paint of ASPA.

Chassis supplied by client.

Waste Management Equipments

Tractor Trailer Mounted Sewer Suction Cum Jetting Machine

Tractor mounted Sewer Suction Cum Jetting Machine is produced in compliance with the set industry standards using high quality raw materials. Available in various technical specifications this tractor suction machine is in high demand in the industry. Developed using sophisticated technology, the tractor suction machine is known for high performance. Tractor suction machine can be obtained from us at market leading prices. Used for cleaning choked drainage.

Features :

with stands adverse working conditions
supports heavy duty operations
high performance
longer service life


Easy to operate & transport
Easy loading closed body type
Tractor Mounted
Low noise operation
Low maintenance thanks to dirt/water resistant coating


Supply of Truck Mounted Road Sweeping Machine on Tata LPT 407

Aman cleaning equipments manufactures and supply very self-sufficient road sweeper machine for cleaning roads. Its proven performance and widespread service helps ensure ease of repair and maintenance, It is designed with best-in-class technology that ensures that its ejections are very less for pollution control.

Technical Specification:

Hopper Capacity – 2.5 Cum
Water tank – 400 ltrs APPROX
Sweeping Width – 2200 MM
Including one Centre Brush and 2 Side Brushes

Wet / Dry Vacuum Cleaners


Robust construction and designed with three motor powered with 3300 W for that extra high suction and continuous usage for long hours.

The SV 803 offer highest suction power and high durability.

Available with 110 ltrs per second airflow and 240 millibar vacuum level

The accessories are designed to offer best cleaning results with little or no exhaustion to the operator.


Mist Cannon Fog Generator Trolley Mount, Aman Cleaning Equipments

Aman Cleaning Equipment manufacture and supply Mist Cannon Fog Generator or Anti Smog Cannon Gun (Mist Gun ), A machine specifically designed for air pollution control to make the atmosphere clean, free from toxic gases. The system is fitted with heavy-duty hydraulic components capable of forming a droplet size spray stream of between 50to100 microns with the help of a high-speed propeller. To make shifting easy to various places, the entire assembly is placed on a self-propelling vehicle. Aman Cleaning has come up with the idea to fix this air pollution issue for green and clean environment. It is the best long range dust control, Low water usage, Low maintenance system.

Technical Specification:

Throw distance -100 mtrs
Pressure- 15 bar
Coverage area – 27000 – 31000 Sq Mtr
Roation angle – 320
Elevation – 45
LWH – 2326 / 1868 / 2862
Weight – 900 / 1200 with trolley
Power Turbine fan – 45 KW
3 Phase 415 volt 81 Amp
Power HP Booster Water pump – 11 kw
Nozzles nos. – 60 / ss 304
Discharge – 150 lpm
Noise 65 -85 Dec