Tractor Towed Trailer Mounted Open Drain De-silting cum Nala Cleaning Machine

Aman cleaning equipments manufactures and supplies highly productive Nala cleaning machine with model name Nalaman, this open drain de-silting cum nala cleaning machine is used to clean Nala & other waste yard with the help of Hydraulic system operated by Control Valves to minimize the Human efforts & wastes. It is manufactured with high quality materials with best reliability and superior Hydraulic system. Open drain De-silting cum Nala Cleaning Machine is highly suitable for Municipalities for Solid and Liquid waste handling.

Technical Specification of Equipment:

Chassis Details – Trailer chassis with Rigid Axles with 65*65 mm size, alloy steel with 2-tires of 7.50*16 size of make JK/CREATE/Apollo/BIRLA/Eq. for easily drawn by any Tractor.

Overall Size-2440 x 1830 x 450 (MM) LWH (Approx)

Bucket Capacity-0.03 Cum Approx

Body – Mild Steel sheet of Grade IS:2062

Floor – 3 mm Thick

Sides/Door -1.6 mm Thick

Mounting – Chassis Frame ISMC 1OOx5O / ISMC 75×40 (MM)

Hydraulic Plant-

Cylinders-Reputed make for All Operations & Stabilizing.

Pump-27 LPM @ 150 Bar Approx of Reputed make.

Control-valves- Lever Operated Controlled Hydraulically.

Oil Tank-Oil tank of sufficient capacity for work.

Hoses Etc. with ample capacity to drive the system efficiently.

Control System – All necessary Indicators & Instruments.

Drive System – Pump drive done through Tractor’s PTO.

Painting – Both Exterior & Interior Priming & Finish with Enamel metal Paint of Reputed make as per color choice.


Electric ULV Sprayer FOGGER Machine, FOG 1400

Aman Cleaning Equipments manufactures and supply electric disinfectant fogger ULV machine. Electric ULV Sprayer Fogger machine operates using cold fogging techniques. Foggers are equipped with motors that generates a high power, low pressure air stream to produce fog into small droplets. The motor generates high air pressure to spray the fogging liquid trough the nozzle by splitting it into little particles. The machine can be used in indoors or outdoors both purpose.

It is the best way for Pest Control that works silently with high performance and low noise level. ULV cold fogger machine shows 10 times more work ability in comparison with an Air Pressure Sprayer. It is adaptable machine easy to handle for using it in indoors or outdoors. Its regulating valve helps you to adjust flow rate and size the particle.  It is used for disinfection of horse stables, cattle barns, factory, warehouses, around houses, apartments, hospital, buildings etc. It is best for public and private disinfection applications.

Technical Specification:-

  • Net Weight: 3.7 Kg
  • Gross Weight: 3.8 Kg
  • Product Feature: Easy to operate, used as high efficient disinfection, sterilization, Insecticidal, humidifier
  • Voltage: 220V 50HZ
  • Power: 1400W
  • Tank Capacity: 4.5 L
  • Spray Distance: 8-10 M
  • Power Cord Length: 5m
  • Package Size: 44*40*24 CM



Sewer Suction Cum Jetting Machine Manufacturers

Sewer Suction cum jetting Machine is manufactured by Aman cleaning equipments with latest technology, it is easy to operate and efficient for Cleaning of Sewer Lines by absorbing the dirt and other Impurities from the chamber directly into its vacuum tank. Sewer Suction cum Jetting machine is used to clear the blockage or choking of sewer lines through High capacity Jet throw of liquid that is store in its fresh water tank. The machine has low maintenance & High capacity Suction-Jetting system that helps in better cleaning of Sewer lines in a very less time with high productivity.

The regulation for manufacturing suction and vacuum tank separately or combined on single vehicle. Heavy duty cylinders to Tipping the unit with the help of control valve & also the rule for hydraulic opening of rear door that will reducing the human efforts. Best quality suction Hose, Jetting hose, Washing Hose, Hydraulic Motor & Pump is there to support the overall operations within optimum conditions. It is very suitable for Refineries, Municipalities, Building Developments as well as others cleaning and waste management operations as needed.

Supply of Sewer suction cum Jetting machine 4000 liters capacity Mounted on Truck chassis.

Technical Specification:-

 Chassis – Tata LPT 709 WB 3800 CAB / PTO
 Total Tank capacity – 4000 ltrs
 Clean water tank – 1000 ltrs
 Sewage tank – 3000 ltrs
 Material of Tank – MS Sheet IS 2062 of 5 mm thick for body and 6 mm thick for Rear Dished end along with rust free Rubberized Coating.
 Tank mounting on ISMC 125 Channel
 5300 LPM @ 1.5 BAR CAPACITY
 Jetting Hose – 15 Mtrs length & 1/2 inch size make polyhose or equal along with Auto twist reel and Hand held Gun of 1 mtrs long.
 Suction Hose – 10 Mtrs x 2 nos. with 100 mm Diameter of Dunflex or equal make.
 Hydraulic Cylinders for Tank tipping and Rear door opening with fully loaded hydraulic pump and systems.
 Control system inbuilt with necessary Valves and filters along with pressure gauges and acrylic glass tube.
 Drive system – Heavy duty PTO Gear Box of VAS MAKE.
 Painting – Zinc based anticorrosive primer along with Epoxy metal paint coating.



Waste Management Equipments Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Waste Management is very vital for cleaning system to make our India clean and green. Waste handling machines plays a very important role to handle garbage, there are various types of waste management equipments or machines available in India for cleaning and garbage collection but aman cleaning equipments provide high quality waste management equipments to collect garbage, these machines are available at very reasonable cost, we provide best waste handling machines manufactured in SPEED brand. There is different type of waste like commercial waste, business waste or trade waste in environment, To improve our environmental and reducing human efforts, we provide best solution to collect garbage through best waste management services.

In history waste management was not a big problem because of low population and low global pollution, but due to large population now days to decrease pollution waste management is very necessary. Aman Cleaning Equipments Pvt. Ltd is one of the pioneer and leaders in the field of Industrial /commercial cleaning machines supply. Our waste management machines have mainly focused on modern technologies garbage collection. We have various equipments like truck mounted road sweeper, mini road sweeper for road sweeping, refuse compactor for garbage collection, sewer suction machine for Nala and sewer pipelines cleaning, garbage tipper, dumper placer to collect garbage and dumping. These machine are manufactured and supply by Aman cleaning equipments, these equipments have best quality and are easily operated.


Waste Management Equipments

Super Sucker Machine

Super Sucker Machine is manufactured with latest technology and strictest adherence to the highest to International Standards.

These super sucker machines are used for De-silting sewer line and are mainly used for:-

  • 200mm to 1500 mm lines trunk & branch De-silting,
  • Cleaning & Disposal of septic tanks.
  • Inspection of lines with CCTV.
  • Linear provision.
Waste Management Equipments

Sewer Suction Machine

General Description: The 2000,3000,4000 liters suction machine mounted on a suitable trailer chassis, which can be towed to the work site by a tractor. The high performance exhauster/compressor can be operated in both vacuum and pressure mode. Blowing of pressurized air/ water into the chamber dislodges the sediment solids which combine with the liquid effluent to form sludge. This is then collected into a tank by operating the system in the vacuum mode.

Automatic Floor Scrubber Dryers

Rider 130

Always turn off and unplug the machine prior to assembling, performing routine maintenance, or when not in use

The use of attachments or accessories is not recommended or sold by the Aman may cause personal injury and /or property damage.

Do Nor attempt to fix the machine by yourself. All repairs must be made by an authorized personnel.

Do not modify the machine.

Avoid moving parts. Do not wear loose fitting clothing while using/servicing the machine.

Do not put any flammable materials into solution tank. This can cause an explosion or a fire. Only use approved cleaning chemicals.

Empty the Solution and Recovery tank before storing the machine.
This machine shall be stored indoors only.

Do not use the machine on surfaces with an inclination greater than the one shown on the plate.

Automatic Floor Scrubber Dryers

Scrubber Dryer A1 36E

  • Capable to work in high congested areas like small shops,offices, kitchens, schools, hospitals, bars, restaurants.
  • Adjustable flow (with automatic start- stop) of the detergent solution depending on type of surface Brush with quick release
  • Removable recovery tank
  • Integrated battery charger with data memory and for any type of batteries (A1 36B)
  • 0,5 m standard power cable
Covid 19 Disinfected Machines


AMAN CLEANING EQUIPMENTS has come up with a solution to fix this air pollution crisis. Anti-smog gun is a system designed to minimise air pollution by spraying atomized water into the atmosphere so that all dust and contaminated particles are clear from the environment Anti-smog gun is designed to produce an ultra-fine fog composed of very fine water droplets (10 micron size).and absorb even the smallest dust particles in the air, yet fall to the ground without wetness.

Anti Smog Cannon Gun (Mist Gun )is a system used specifically to control air pollution to make the atmosphere clear, visible, and free of contaminants and toxic vapours of gas. The system provided is fitted with heavy-duty hydraulic components capable of forming a droplet size spray stream of between 50to100 microns with the aid of a high-speed propeller. To shift the unit to various places, the entire assembly is placed on a self-propelling vehicle.

We are the manufacturer and supplier of ANTI SMOG GUN and all types of cleaning equipment.

We are having different type of ANTI SMOG GUN MACHINE with various ranges like 30Meter, 50Meter, 70Meter, 100Meter etc. –

-Truck Mounted Anti Smog Gun
-Trolley Mounted Anti Smog Gun
-E-Rikshaw mounted Anti Smog Gun