A5 EVO 50EModel Name: A5 EVO 50E

A5 EVO 50E World’s most perfect scrubber drier spray-scrubbing and collects all slurry in one single go. Suitable for Scrubbing and drying of Large-medium size area Easy to use , easy to fill , easy to empty, easy to move , easy to service and easy movement allows exceptional maneuverability .

The Disk and Roller Type power brushes ensures deep cleaning performance while the water pick up nozzle permits 100% dry floor .A perfect handle adjustment system. Rugged , a real work horse, effective and thoroughly reliable.

Brush Motor
750 W
vacuum motor
1000 W
Brush Dia
1000 W
Squeegee Width
790 MM
Area Coverage
1800 sqm/hr
Pressure on brush
15 mtr
Water Tank
44/49 L
Working Speed