Truck Mounted Water Sprinkler Manufacturer In Chandigarh

Truck Mounted Water Sprinkler Manufacturer In Chandigarh

Truck Mounted Water Sprinkler Manufacturer In Chandigarh


Aman Cleaning Equipments Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturer of truck-mounted water sprinkler is a specialized vehicle designed to distribute water over a large area for various purposes, such as dust suppression, irrigation, firefighting, or road construction. It typically consists of a water tank mounted on a truck chassis, along with a system of pumps, nozzles, and hoses to distribute the water.

Water: The truck has a large water tank whose capacity can vary, generally from a few hundred to several thousand gallons. The tank is designed to hold and transfer water safely. Sprinkler system: A sprinkler system consists of pipes, valves and nozzles installed on the truck. The system is designed to distribute water in a controlled manner in one place. The nozzles can be adjusted to control the water and coating.

Pump system: The truck has a pump system that fills the tank and adjusts the water pressure for the sprinkler system. It can draw water from an external source such as a spring, lake or river, or have a self-filling system.


Dust Control: Truck-mounted sprinklers are commonly used in construction sites, mining sites, and other areas where dust control is required. A sprinkler system can spray water to reduce dust, reduce air pollution and improve visibility.

Road Cleaning: These vehicles are used by local authorities and road maintenance workers for road cleaning. Water jets help remove dirt, debris and loose gravel from road surfaces, improving driver safety.

Irrigation: In agriculture, truck-mounted sprinklers are used for irrigation. They can distribute water to fields or crops, improving water quality and promoting plant growth

Firefighting: Some vehicle sprinklers are designed for firefighting purposes. These trucks carry a lot of water and may have additional firefighting equipment such as hoses and pumps.

Crowd control: During protests, public events, or riotous situations, water trucks can be used to control and disperse crowds. High water jets can depress and disperse people in affected areas.
Water sprinkler pumps are versatile and can be customized for different applications depending on the needs of the user.


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