Single Disc Floor Scrubber Dryer Manufacturer in Noida

Single Disc Floor Scrubber Dryer Manufacturer in Noida

Single Disc Floor Scrubber Dryer Manufacturer in Noida


A single-disc floor scrubber dryer, also known as a single-disc machine or rotating floor scrubber. Is a small and flexible equipment that is use to clean and dry hard floor surfaces. It is frequently use in commercial and industrial environments, as well as in smaller locations where maneuverability is critical.

The motorize single-disc floor scrubber drier is make up of a single revolving disc or brush. The disc usually comes with a variety of attachments or pads that may be swipe out depending on the cleaning requirements and floor type.

How Do You Use A Single Disc Floor Scrubber Dryer Machine?

Preparation: Based on the kind of floor and desired cleaning intensity, the operator picks the suitable pad or brush attachment. To suit differing floor surfaces, certain machines may feature adjustable brush pressure.

Cleaning solution application: The operator cleans the floor surface using a suitable cleaning solution or detergent. This can be finish manually with a spray bottle or automatically by adding a solution tank to the machine.

Scrubbing: The machine is move over the floor, and the revolving disc or brush agitates and scrubs the surface, removing dirt, grime, and stains. The cleaning solution aids in the cleaning procedure.

Collection: Some single-disc scrubber dryers include a built-in vacuum or suction system that allows them to collect filthy water and debris while they clean. Others may need hand mopping or wet vacuuming to remove loose debris and extra water.

Drying: After cleaning, the floor surface is left to air dry or can be manually dry with a mop or floor squeegee.

How Does A Single Disc Floor Scrubber Dryer Work?

Single-disc floor scrubber dryers are lightweight and easy to maneuver, making them ideal for use in small or limited places. They are usually seen in hallways, corridors, tiny rooms, and staircases.

To guarantee safe and effective operation, it is critical to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for operating and maintaining the single-disc floor scrubber drier. Proper machine cleaning and maintenance, including frequent brush or pad replacement and cleaning, are critical to maximising its performance and durability.

Technical Specifications

Operation Width : 450 mm |
Operation Area : 1200 m2/h |
Brush Width : 430 mm |
Brush Pressure : 8 Kg



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