Sewer Suction Cum Jetting MachineModel Name: SSJM-8000 L

Our sewer suction cum jetting machine offers powerful cleaning and maintenance for sewers. Ideal for heavy duty tasks, it combines suction and jetting for efficient, thorough results, ensuring clean and clear pipelines every time.


  • Sewer suction cum jetting machine is use for cleaning of sewer lines by sucking out the dirt / Dust / Garbage / Other Impurities  directly from chamber into its vacuum tank.
  • Jetting machine is use to clear the blockage/choking of sewer suction machine by high capacity jet throw of liquid that is store in its fresh water tank.
  • It’s easy operations, low maintenance & high capacity suction jetting system helps in superior cleaning of sewer lines with high productivity & in very less time.
  • Provision for manufacturing suction and vacuum tank separately or combined on single vehicle.
  • Heavy duty cylinders to tipping the unit by help of control valve & also provision for hydraulic opening of rear door that will reducing the human efforts.
  • High quality suction Hose, Jetting hose, Washing Hose, Hydraulic Motor & Pump are maintain the overall operations within optimum conditions.
  • Suitable for Refineries, Municipalities, Building Developments as well as others cleaning operations as required.
Sewer Suction Cum Jetting Machine