Cattle Catcher Supplier in India, Aman Cleaning

Cattle Catcher Supplier in India, Aman Cleaning

Cattle Catcher Supplier in India, Aman Cleaning


Aman Cleaning Equipments is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Cattle Catcher vehicle in India, which is well designed for Animal Pickups and Transportation. The Animal Catcher Vehicle is a careful transportation of stray both alive and dead. The floor of our Catcher Vehicle is non- slippery. Cattle Catcher vehicle equipped with hydraulic system for easy loading and unloading of alive or dead animals. It has railings to forbide animals from bouncing out. Animals are taken in the vehicle while the stage is in the line of the vehicle bed and the stage uses a pressurised water shutter and it can be very well on everyone as a back entrance for the vehicle. We sell cattle catcher vehicles intended for animal pickups and transportation all around. Its maintenance cost is also very low.

A cattle catcher van, also known as a livestock hauler or cattle truck, is a type of vehicle specifically designed for transporting cattle and other livestock. It is a large, enclosed truck or trailer that provides a secure and safe space for transporting animals over long distances.

Cattle catcher vans typically have a sturdy construction with reinforced walls and floors to ensure the safety of the animals during transit. They are often equipped with multiple compartments or partitions to separate individual animals and prevent them from getting injured or causing harm to each other. The partitions may be adjustable to accommodate different sizes of livestock.

These vans also have ventilation systems to maintain a comfortable and healthy environment for the animals. Proper ventilation is crucial to prevent heat stress and ensure adequate airflow throughout the vehicle. Additionally, the vans may be equipped with water troughs or watering systems to keep the animals hydrated during the journey.

Cattle catcher vans are commonly used in the agricultural industry for transporting cattle, as well as other livestock such as sheep, pigs, and horses. They are designed to meet the specific needs of livestock transportation, providing a secure and controlled environment that minimizes stress and maximizes animal welfare during transportation.

Technical Specifications for Cattle Catcher –

Chassis – Tata 710 High Deck.
Material – Mild Steel
Bottom – 5 mm thick MS chequered sheet
Sides – 3 mm thick MS plain sheet along with proper stiffening and supports.

Hydraulic cylinders – 2 nos. Mounted at rear side of vehicle for easily lifting of cattles into chamber.
Hydraulic pump – 40 lpm

Painting – Anticorrosive primer and Enamel metal paint of ASPA.

Chassis supplied by client.


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