Anti Smog Gun Manufacturer In Odisha

Anti Smog Gun Manufacturer In Odisha

Anti Smog Gun Manufacturer In Odisha


An anti-smog gun, also known as a smog cannon or mist cannon, is a device designed to mitigate air pollution, specifically smog and particulate matter. It is commonly used in industrial areas, construction sites, and other locations where airborne pollutants and dust are prevalent.

Smoke guns, also known as fog guns or dusters, are devices used to control air pollution and reduce particulate matter in the air and in the outdoor environment. It is commonly used in construction, mining, demolition and other areas where dust and particles are generated. Here are the main features and components of the smoke gun:

Spray System: A smog gun is used with an advanced spray system that sends a fine mist or water jet into the air. Increased moisture traps dust particles, causing them to fall to the ground instead of remaining in the air. Air and spray systems: guns with one or more nozzles mounted on a movable or fixed platform. A well-controlled spray mist disperses water droplets over a wide area. Some models offer adjustable nozzle angle and distance to meet requirements.

Water Supply and Pump: Smoke guns require a water source to operate. They are connected to the water supply through a pipe, and the pump creates the pressure necessary to spread the water through the nozzles and create a mist.

Mobility Options and Options: Smog guns can be mounted on trailers, trucks or structures depending on the application. Mobile units are often used in construction and mining where dust control is required in many areas.

Controls and automation: These guns are usually operated with a remote control or remote control, allowing the user to adjust the fluid, spray angle and cover. Some advanced models may have automatic features such as timers or sensors that trigger a gun based on the dust concentration level.

Environmental issues: Smoke guns are designed to reduce water consumption and effectively prevent dust. Some models can include features such as water atomization to ensure efficient water use and reduce water emissions.

Safety features: Safety features may include features such as automatic low water shut-off, fire pump protection, and safety restraints to prevent accidental operation. Smoke guns help reduce health and environmental hazards associated with airborne dust particles. By preventing dust, they reduce air pollution, improve visibility and create a safer workplace for workers and residents. However, it should be noted that smoke guns are not a permanent solution and should be used in conjunction with other dust control measures, such as adequate ventilation, dust collectors and methods to capture dust.


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