Automatic Disinfected TunnelModel Name: Disinfected Tunnel

Automatic disinfected tunnel help you to disinfect from COVID-19. You wash your hands, walk through the tunnel during which sprayers overhead and side sprinkle disinfectant and then get into the super-market, hospital etc. This can considerably reduce the amount of germs you carry into the different place.

As the novel corona virus cases continue to be on the rise in India, decontamination is one of the biggest challenges that the government faces today.

Automatic disinfection tunnel can help to reduce the amount of gems which carry by person. Before entering the sprawling ground to shop for their daily groceries during this nationwide lockdown,
they were first asked to wash their hands and then walk through a ‘automatic disinfection tunnel’.
This machine can help to prevent further spread of the deadly Corona virus (COVID-19).

The automatic disinfection tunnel manufacture and commission by Aman Cleaning Equipments Pvt Ltd. This is a significant development to fight corona virus (COVID-19).

Disinfected Tunnel