Fog Cannon Dust Suppression SystemModel Name: SPEED -FG 15

Aman Cleaning Equipments Pvt Ltd Mist fog Cannon uses high pressure water fogging with turbo air flow which creates a ultra-fine fog consisting of very fine water droplets. (10- 20 micron size).

SPEED Cooling Guns drop temperatures by as much as 10 degrees by employing evaporative cooling principles in our outdoor/ indoor cooling systems, SPEED cooling Guns creates a pleasant and comfortable environment year-round for you and your family, dramatically increase the usable living space in your home, working areas, halls by adding cooling to indoor areas, covered patios, courtyards, pool decking, play areas and more.

Take advantage of the same technology that world-class resorts, industries use to enhance living and working comfort by adding a Speed Cooling Cannon System to your place. Friends, family & guests will enjoy the amenity – neighbours will be envious.

Cooling Cannon provide cooling through evaporation and suppresses \even the tiny dust particles. Evaporative cooling is a very simple process. Water requires energy to evaporate (600 calories of heat per gram of water, to be exact). As the mist evaporates the energy exchange results in temperature reductions.


  • Effective Cooling without wetting and suppression of dust & smog.
  • Auto control system, keep stable and suitable outdoor/indoor environment.
  • Large spraying volume, long- term use.
  • Minimum Maintenance.
  • Industrial Electrical Protections.
  • Heavy duty equipment for 24X7 operations.

Technical Specifications Details:-

  • SPEED-FG15 Pole mounted Mist Fog Cannon, Throw: 15 mtrs (Windless Condition)
  • Skid with heavy duty bearing for Automatic 3600 rotation levelling jack, water filter support, and portable tower.
  • Blower SPEED-FG15 complete with electric motor-vent, with high efficiency vent and air flow straightens, electric protection, aluminium impeller, stainless steel nozzles- 36 nos.
  • Automatic system for rotation (0°-360°) and manual raising (0°- 60°)
  • Electric control panel with on/off command of the blower and pump with automatic oscillation option.
  • Electric high pressure water pump, 0.18 LPM at 70 bars, electric cables, PG, supports, electric control and supplementary protections.
  • Complete automatic control over 0- 3600 adjustable oscillation.
  • 1/2” High pressure water feed hose.
  • Tower for fixing cannon at height- 5 ft
  • Factory testing of each unit supplied.
  • Total power: 2 KW
  • 3 KVA Kirloskar Zen Set.
Total power
2 KW