Covid 19 Disinfected Machines


  • SPEED FG15 Pole mounted Mist Fog Cannon, Throw: 15 mtrs (Windless Condition) Skid with heavy duty bearing for Automatic 360° rotation levelling jack, water filter support, and portable tower
  • Blower SPEED-FG15 complete with electric motor-vent, with high efficiency vent and air flow straightens, electric protection, aluminium impeller, stainless steel nozzles- 36 nos.
  • Automatic system for rotation (0°-360°) and manual raising (0 – 60) Electric control panel with on off command of the blower and pump with automatic oscillation option.
  • Electric high pressure water pump. 0.18 LPM at 70 bars, electric cables, PG, supports, electric control and supplementary protections.
  • Complete automatic control over 0 – 360° adjustable oscillation.
  • 12″ High pressure water feed hose.
  • Tower for fixing cannon at height- 5 ft > Factory testing of each unit supplied.
  • Total power: 2 KW 3 KVA Kirloskar Zen Set


  • Features Effective Cooling without wetting and suppression of dust & smog.
  • Auto control system, keep stable and suitable outdoor indoor environment.
  • Large spraying volume, long-term use.
  • Minimum Maintenance.
  • Industrial Electrical Protections.
  • Heavy duty equipment for 24X7 operations.
Waste Management Equipments Road Sweepers

Truck Mounted Road Sweeper

  • High Efficiency Filtration & Automatic Filter Cleaning System Through Pulse Jet Air.
  • The M/C can be operated by a single operator and has a rated capacity of cleaning 30000 m² in 1 hour easily, quickly & safely.
  • The  M/C  is  equipped  with  hydraulic  transmission and is powered by a diesel engine.
  • Water Spray Nozzles Provided at all Brushes with High Pressure Water Pump.
  • In built ccd camera, water tank .
  • In buit Vacuum Hose for congested areas.

Technical Specifications

Application: Road Sweeping

Model No.: SWR-6000

One Horizontal Brush: 1900 mm

1 Horizontal Brush & 2 Side Brushes: 3000 mm

Sweeping Capacity: 30000 Sq. Mt/Hr

Hopper Storage Capacity: 6 CUM

Sweeping Speed:  1-10 Km/Hr

Engine:          Kirloskar Water Cooled Diesel Engine

Power:          4 Cylinder

Main Brush: 2200 mm

Side Brush: 650 mm (Diameter)

Hyd. Oil Tank: 60 Ltr

Dust Control Systems: High Efficiency Filtration & Automatic Filter Cleaning System Through Pulse Jet Air

Hydraulic Vibrator: Provided in Filter chamber to Clean The Filter in case of Heavy Chocking

Water Spray Systems: Water Spray Nozzles Provided with high pressure water pump

Water Tank: 500 Ltr

Waste Management Equipments Road Sweepers

Mini Road Sweeper

Aman Cleaning Equipments  “Mini Road Sweeper” offered comes designed and developed using latest technology support and perfectly match up to the requirements of mechanical sweeping of roads, parking lots and other areas.

Further, the use of durable sweeping brushes coming mounted on either sides of sweepers as well as powerful suction support also make these provide for quality cleaning performance. Some of its features include centralized operating devices; constant space maintained between suction nozzle and ground; stainless steel metal based water tank and dustbin for durable usage; firm and durable double stainless steel structure finish i coated finish for superior corrosion resistance.


ModelMini Sweep
Sweeping Systemdry / Wet available
Sweeping Capacity12000 Sq.Mt.(Including side brushes )
Sweeping Speed1 -6 km/ hr
Working width2000 mm
Hopper Capacity1.25 cu. m3
Engine powerKirloskar of 49.5 B.H.P. @ 2300R.P.M.
No. of Brushes2 Side Brushes, 1 Horizontal
Waste Management Equipments

Sewer Suction Cum Jetting Machine


  • Suction Machine is used for Cleaning of Sewer Lines by Sucking out the dirt / Dust / Garbage / Other Impurities  directly from chamber into its vacuum tank.
  • Jetting machine is used to clear the blockage/choking of sewer lines by High capacity Jet throw of liquid that is store in its fresh water tank.
  • It’s easy operations, low maintenance & High capacity Suction-Jetting system helps in superior cleaning of Sewer lines with high productivity & in very less time.
  • Provision for manufacturing suction and vacuum tank separately or combined on single vehicle.
  • Heavy duty cylinders to Tipping the unit by help of control valve & also provision for hydraulic opening of rear door that will reducing the human efforts.
  • High quality suction Hose, Jetting hose, Washing Hose, Hydraulic Motor & Pump are maintain the overall operations within optimum conditions.
  • Suitable for Refineries, Municipalities, Building Developments as well as Others Cleaning Operations as required.
Waste Management Equipments Refuse Compactor

Refuse Compactor 14 CUM

Aman Cleaning Equipments is a Refuse Garbage compactor Trucks for the safe and efficient collection of waste Garbage. The advanced level of features for Machine loading, compacting and transportation are sure to meet your needs. Making the collection process easy and efficient has made COMP 7-18 models popular the all India.

Tailgate and ejector controls are in front of the body. All devices for loading control are mounted on tailgate right side, and all are manual control for safety purposes. Compaction is controlled electrically via push buttons, and manually in case. There is an emergency stop button each of side the truck on the control panel.

Waste Management Equipments

9 Meter Sky Lift on Bolero

We are a well-renowned organization in the industry to provide our patrons the best quality Manufacturer of 9 Meter Sky Lift on Bolero chassis.


  • Rugged design
  • Excellent functionality
  • Sturdy construction
  • Low maintenance


  • Working Height : 7, 9 Meter
  • Type: 2 Boom
Covid 19 Disinfected Machines


Rate @ 10,000/- + GST Extra

1. The Best way for Pest Control

2. U.L.V(Ultra Low Volume)Works silently. High performance and Low noise level

3. ULV cold fogger by Samsung electric motor

4. It shows 10 times the work ability compared with an Air Pressure Sprayer.

5. Adaptable machine for using it in indoors, or outdoors.

6. Easy to handle, and Easy to use.

7. Regulating valve makes you to adjust flow rate and particle size


1) Disinfection of horse stables, cattle barns, factory, warehouses, etc.

2) Disinfection around houses, apartments, hosiptal, buildings and so forth.

3) Public and private disinfection applications

Waste Management Equipments

7 Meter Sky Lift on TATA ACE

We are a well-renowned organization in the industry to provide our patrons the best quality Manufacturer of 7 Meter Sky Lift on TATA ACE.


  • Rugged design
  • Excellent functionality
  • Sturdy construction
  • Low maintenance


  • Working Height : 7 Meter
  • Type: 2 Boom