• SPEED FG15 Pole mounted Mist Fog Cannon, Throw: 15 mtrs (Windless Condition) Skid with heavy duty bearing for Automatic 360° rotation levelling jack, water filter support, and portable tower
  • Blower SPEED-FG15 complete with electric motor-vent, with high efficiency vent and air flow straightens, electric protection, aluminium impeller, stainless steel nozzles- 36 nos.
  • Automatic system for rotation (0°-360°) and manual raising (0 – 60) Electric control panel with on off command of the blower and pump with automatic oscillation option.
  • Electric high pressure water pump. 0.18 LPM at 70 bars, electric cables, PG, supports, electric control and supplementary protections.
  • Complete automatic control over 0 – 360° adjustable oscillation.
  • 12″ High pressure water feed hose.
  • Tower for fixing cannon at height- 5 ft > Factory testing of each unit supplied.
  • Total power: 2 KW 3 KVA Kirloskar Zen Set


  • Features Effective Cooling without wetting and suppression of dust & smog.
  • Auto control system, keep stable and suitable outdoor indoor environment.
  • Large spraying volume, long-term use.
  • Minimum Maintenance.
  • Industrial Electrical Protections.
  • Heavy duty equipment for 24X7 operations.